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Who is Jordan Thomas, Inc.?

Founded in 1984, Jordan Thomas, Inc. provides origination capabilities to manufacturers and financing partners worldwide. We manage transactions between every entity you need for the financing and installation of even the largest solar power system.

Photovoltaic Systems in Agriculture

PV systems can:

  • Replace even the remotest diesel-powered water pumps
  • Offset the cost of cold storage and rice-drying facilities
  • Make use of unused land and rooftops
  • ...all of which normalize your utility costs

Utilities are not bound to provide naturally scaling utility rates from year to year. Utility rates can jump from 6% to even 30% at a time. In fact, rates are expected to jump roughly 6.3% in 2008.

Jordan Thomas’ utility rates remain at a low 5% inflation rate for the lifetime of the lease.

Jordan Thomas, Inc. Lease Structures

  • 10-year lease terms at submarket interest rates
  • Fixed 20% Purchase or Renew Only (PRO) lease, rather than ever-changing Fair Market Value calculations


For more info, contact Jordan Steinke at or by calling (775) 852-8749.