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Agriculture-Related Solar Financing Parameters


Jordan Thomas, Inc., its designee, or assignee ("Jordan Thomas")

Minimum Credit Information:

  • Three (3) years of CPA prepared or audited (preferred) financial statements
  • Bank reference
  • Full legal name and address of entity and website

Transaction Size:

Minimum of $1 million up to $100 million. Jordan Thomas will consider larger transactions.

Original Term:

Ten (10) years.


All solar and alternative energy producing systems.

Solar System Timing:

Provide detail of the energy system components and costs, as well as engineering estimates of the energy system performance. A proposal copy and timing estimates are preferred.


Quoted as fixed rate for the full financing term.

Lease Payments:

Paid monthly in arrears.

Federal Tax Credit:

30% of the total solar system cost as well as the new 100% first year bonus depreciation will be retained by Jordan Thomas for the operating lease.

State Rebates/Incentives:

All State rebates, renewable energy credits and incentives are 100% applied to the solar system cost. All State rebates and renewable energy credits  are to be paid to the lessee and are included in the lease payments to be made to Jordan Thomas. The timing and amount of state rebates, renewable energy credits and incentives are set by each State and change as the various programs mature and the amount of customer applications. These amounts will be determined for each customer and installation, are subject to change, denial and confirmation by the State-applicable agencies.

Purchase Option:

For operating leases, the customer may purchase the energy system at any time after the 6th year anniversary (and each anniversary thereafter) at a predetermined percentage of the solar system cost. A fixed purchase option (typcially 20% of the original energy system cost) is offered at the end of the initial (10 year) lease term.

Renewal Option:

For the operating lease, the customer may renew the lease at the end of the original term for an agreed term and payment. A fixed purchase option will be available on each anniversary during the renewal lease term.


To be provided by Jordan Thomas, Inc.

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