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Bank Transaction Acquisition Parameters


The bank to its direct customer or through its vendor/manufacturer financing programs

Acquisition Program:

The acquisition program assumes multiple transactions initiated by the bank per annum utilizing the bank's standard documentation. Jordan Thomas, Inc. and/or its special opportunity fund will provide continuing rate quotes and firm-written funding commitments to the bank, eliminating any potential rate, credit or documentation exposure


United States

Transaction Size:

The minimum initial transaction is $2 million and up to $200 million, with larger transactions considered


U.S. dollars

Transaction Type:

  • Non-recourse loans on leveraged leases

  • Leases

  • Installment payment agreements

  • Participations

  • Collateralized loans

  • Unsecured loans

Credit Considerations:

In order of preference, all entities with S&P bond ratings of AAA to CCC, non-rated publicly traded corporations and some private corporations without bond ratings

Minimum Information:

Completed term sheet and disclosure, including legal name of the credit to be considered, corporate location and Web address, asset manufacturer and description, asset location, transaction size, term, periodicity, and closing schedule


2 years to 5 years, with longer terms considered

Payment Modes:

Monthly or quarterly, semi-annual (in arrears only), no annual payments

Collateral Types:

All forms of capital assets, including technology equipment, software and services, manufacturing, and production equipment


Quoted as a fixed rate or as a spread over the credit's comparable publicly traded bond's yield to maturity or the comparable term U.S. treasury issue. The rate may float to closing with an agreed index


Usual and customary for the various transaction types and which will be acceptable to all parties and their respective counsel


To be agreed


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