Corporate Info

Jordan Thomas, Inc. provides both indirect and direct financing programs for a wide variety of clients.

Our indirect programs provide equipment manufacturers and distributors (vendors), banks, independent lessors, brokers, CPA firms, and consultants with funding for loans and leases that they originate or arrange for their own customers. Our indirect group has provided discounting and funding for well over $3 billion of assets, ranging from technology assets like computers, software and telecommunications equipment to mining equipment, trucks and commercial aircraft.

The direct group is solely oriented to providing companies direct financing for their asset acquisitions in the form of fixed-term, fully amortizing loans and leases. They will provide financing for nearly any capital asset imaginable with terms that meet the needs of the individual transaction and the customer's financing needs.

Utilizing its group of institutional and corporate entities, Jordan Thomas provides our capital and funding resources for both domestic and international transactions. Few can match Jordan Thomas' ability to access the financial markets and deliver our diverse financing programs and services to our clients and customers.

Our financing acquisition parameters include:

  • Credit considerations ranging over the entire credit spectrum, from S&P-rated AAA to CCC
  • Transaction sizes from $2 million to $200 million
  • Term lengths from 2 years to 15 years
  • For transactions in the U.S., Canada, European Union, Asia, and parts of Latin America
  • Our rates have proven to be competitive and our commitments reliable.

Each financing program or transaction that we offer is uniquely structured to meet the needs of the individual client and customer relationships, whether it is indirect or direct. For Jordan Thomas, there are no cookie-cutter solutions; one size does not fit all, and each program and transaction must work for all the parties involved. Our reputation has been built over the years on delivering what we promise. Jordan Thomas invites its new and long-standing clients and customers to challenge us, and we will deliver.

In every case, all information provided to Jordan Thomas is kept in the strictest of confidence in accordance with written confidentiality agreements and corporate policy.